that nature is the best blueprint for the development of modern automobiles.
    Johannes Barckmann
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    people all over the world feel a bit surer when they drive off.
    Ralf Fröhling, Patrick McFadden, Robert Gastl.
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    that the pedestrian safety not only comes from the road but from the car also.
    Maren Finck.


Sunlight in the tank

How agile development methods help to overcome fears concerning the range of electric cars

Solar cells on roofs have become a common sight. The sunlight absorbed is converted into electrical power, and is thus able to supply an entire house with electricity. The advantages of this form of renewable energy are obvious – no annoying price fluctuations imposed by electricity suppliers, lower CO2 emissions and the sun is an inexhaustible resource.


The stuff that change is made of

EDAG Light Cocoon - possible paradigm shift for future mobility

It has always been difficult to assess the long-term significance of inventions. When Nikolaus August Otto invented the four-stroke engine in 1862, many people failed to realise that this milestone was about to change the world. Whether or not this flash of inspiration was the decisive factor in the triumph of the automobile is still not clear. But nevertheless, it was important. 


Additive manufacturing (3D printing)

How the "EDAG Genesis" turned the automobile world upside down

Everyone is talking about "3D printing". Ever since consumer printers for € 1,000 began to flood the market, the extent of the new potential of additive manufacturing technology has been absolutely clear. Additive manufacturing is already in use in the aerospace industry and medical technology. But so far, almost exclusively for prototypes in the automotive industry. 


Indian community inspires towards more sustainability

Why the Navajos use EDAG busses to protect the environment

With a population of almost 330,000, the Navajo nation is the second largest Native American community in America's largest reserve. Spread across Northeast Arizona, Southeastern Utah and the Southeast New Mexico, in a region measuring 71,000 m² (about the same size as the state of West Virginia) the members of this tribe live as a semi-autonomous community. 


In the driving seat

Smart development always also keeps an eye on cultural requirements

No-one would question the idea that a top-class saloon can be regarded as a status symbol. An Audi A6 driver wants to show not only that he has good taste and appreciates exclusive technology and a luxurious ambience - but also that he has worked hard to earn these attributes. This at least holds true for Europe. 


Putting ideas into practice - worldwide

Global enthusiasm for a joint theme

Say what you like about globalisation, one thing is certain: it helps the world to cross economic and cultural boundaries and move closer together.   This is not necessarily due only to the rapid evolution of the Internet, but also to mobility: because the reputation of a good auto brand applies worldwide. In Asia, America or Europe, people everywhere want to feel the same kind of enthusiasm for a new car. Enthusiasm for the automobile is something that we all share - it connects us, no matter where we live.